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Colour TFT LCDs - for Industrial Applications

Meeting the diverse needs of the huge range of industrial TFT applications - panel computers, programmable displays, measurement instruments, and multimedia terminals - requires an equally extensive product line-up; which is why has now enhanced its industrial TFT line-up with a variety of new products. believes that "superior industrial equipment demands a superior TFT, and backs up this belief by providing customers with a long-term stable supply of well built industrial TFTs that are just that much better than the rest.

TFT-LCD Modules

colour lcd module colour tft lcd display ic industrial flat panel display industrial lcd display industrial tft lcd lcd display module monochrome lcds monochrome tft lcd tft lcd module Electronics' TFT color LCD module product range: LCD Display Module Industrial flat panel display TFT LCD display Industrial LCD display LCD module TFT-LCD Controller IC Display IC Color TFT LCDs LCD module and panel Color LCD module Electronics display modules offer a TFT (thin film transistor) active matrix color liquid crystal display (LCD) comprising amorphous silicon TFT attached to each signal electrode, a driving circuit and a backlight. The display modules have a built-in backlight. The backlight includes long-life-lamps and the lamps are replaceable with a holder. The NL3224AC35-01 has a 14cm (5.5") diagonal display area contains 320 x 240 pixels and can display full colors simultaneously. All Electronics display modules offer high contrast, high brightness, long life and a wide viewing angle. SFT (Solutions Flatpanel Technology) Form Fit Function Compatibility Elektronik Prozessor