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Your reliable partner for ASIC Packaging - Services from Electronics Good design would not be complete without the packaging to match. offers asic packaging services. These packages combine outstanding electrical and thermal properties with a reasonable price tag - thus supporting low-cost applications and high-end systems.  

Advantages of a package - why do asics need packaging?

The many different functions of semiconductor devices are made possible by integrated circuits. If these chips could be used in unmodified form, packaging would be unessary. Silicon chips are very delicate and even a tiny speck of dust or drop of water can hinder their function. Light can also cause malfunctions. Therfore silicon chips are protected by packaging. Nowadays, high value-added packaging technologies such as SiP (System in a Package) are available. The role of SiP goes beyond "protecting" and is now a mandatory technology for high function products, and a critical factor in customer purchasing decisions.  

Main Functions of Packages

Protecting the chip from the external environment

Enabling electric contivity

Heat Radiation

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