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ASIC Design Services - Individual Solutions from Electronics

ASIC Design Services

Electronics FPGA/ASIC/SoC Design Services

ASIC Design Services - offers individual, low-cost solutions for FPGAs, ASICs and SoC including full design flow services like prototyping, DFT service, RTL hand-over, etc. Electronics offers you a broad range of ASIC design services from RTL hand-over to GDSII generation. Our local European experts offer rapid design flow services of the highest quality, thus ensuring that your end product is ready for the market on time. For the physical implementation of multi-million gate designs in deep sub-micron technologies, we use silicon proven methodology and “Best in Class” EDA software. Deep sub-micron effects are identified, analyzed and fixed in the course of the highly sophisticated design flow. Close cooperation with EDA companies allows us to evaluate and introduce the newest design tools up front.   asic design flow asic design services asic development asic packaging asic packaging services asic support services fpga conversion fpga to asic fpga to gate array conversion issp rtl handover soc design services soc development board system on chip development

ASIC Design Services

Develop customer specific IC fast development time & to keep schedules low cost solutions customer satisfaction

Local ASIC Design Centers (LDC) Your best bet is to talk to one of 's five local design centers - the project manager, we hand-pick, according to your ASIC needs, always has an open ear and pulls all the strings for you: technology and know-how, documentation and design support. And it's "your" flexible project manager who visits you - a design expert with all the competence and authorization and direct access to all specialized support infrastructure within . No matter which level of support you expect - either for an OpenCAD™ installation or scan insertion into your design - your assigned project manager will let you have the essary assistance. In fact, you will get help to ensure the most aggressive times to market.

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FPGA to Gate Array ASIC conversion - FPGA to Gate Array conversion

Why do an FPGA conversion? Lower Unit cost An ASIC is much less expensive on a per-piece basis than a comparable FPGA device. If you are working on a product that will see large volumes in production, the cost savings can be significant. Even lower-volume production can realize substantive cost savings. It is not atypical for the break-even pont to occur at volumes as low as 300 units, while most breah even at volumes under 1000 units. Lower Power Most FPGAs use active elements to configure theri programmable intercont. ASIC intercont is actual meta and uses no active elements. Additionally, significant areas of the FPGA are unused but still consume power. The finer-grained logic elements of an ASIC allow for lower drieve in areas of the design that do not requiere iit, as determined by the device timing constraints. As a general guideline, you can expect a design implemented in an FPGA to consume roughly three times the power of the same design implemented in ASIC technology. Higher Performance The intercont delays in an ASIC are much less than in an FPGA, due to the more efficient all-metal routing structure that allows higher system clock speeds and device throughput. Higher Integration The higher-densitiy efficiency of ASIC Technology allows you to combine multiple FPGAs and glue logic into a single ASIC to save board area, and to simplify assembly and testing of your product. You can even develop multi-mode ASICs that combine two or more complete designs into the same package. This technique will result in lower NRE costs compared to a two-chip solution, and help to increase volumes, which can result in a lower unit cost. Smaller Packages - Packaging Solutions from Electronics Duet to their large die size and associated large heat dissipation requirements, FPGAs with higher gate counts require large packages with enhanced thermal capabilities. These packages foten include many more I/O pins than your design actualla needs, and may require external heat sinks or fans to meet temperature constraints. An ASIC solution allows you to match the I/O and power requirements of your design with the appropriate size and type of package. This option can save board real estate, further reduce the cost of the ASIC, simplify board layout and routing, reduce or eliminate the need for heat sinks and additional cooling, and improve the manufacturability and reliability of your product. ASIC Packaging FPGA conversion SoC development board System-on-chip development ASIC design services ASIC development ASIC support services FPGA to Gate Array Conversion ISSP ASIC design flow RTL Handover SoC design services Elektronik Prozessor