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From toothbrushes to tumble dryers, pumps to power trains, cameras to climate control… electric motors are all around us! Many demand nothing more than simple timers to control them - and of course low-cost! Both are handled with ease by our vast range of 78K 8-bit micros. For more specific functionality, we also offer them with dedicated motor control peripherals. If complex computation is required, take the easy route with a 32-bit V850 micro that can take care of both your motor and the your system control. Our new K-Line micros add even more depth to ’s range, and don’t forget our ASIC, optical and power devices to complete your motor control application from a single source. Please visit our homepage for more information about Brushless DC motor controllers. motor control inverter control motor control electronics industrial control electrical white goods home appliance brushless DC motor AC induction motor stepper motor control switched reluctance motor Power MOSFET ASIC

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Electronics offers high-end semiconductor solutions for a wide range of automotive, industrial and communication applications. Electronic components for motor control applications are available for various products, e.g. industrial coffee maker industrial tea maker industrial toaster oven industrial washing machines industrial cookers industrial ovens industrial refrigerators industrial freezers industrial dishwasher industrial vacuum cleaners industrial coffee maker industrial tea maker industrial toaster oven   Microcontrollers and Microprocessors for Brushless DC Motor Control We have the suitable device for your Motor Control application! offers MCU devices from 4-bit up to 32-bit RISC with more than 1000 products as well as 64-bit MIPS based MPUs. 4-bit Microcontroller 16-bit Microcontroller 32-bit RISC Microcontroller 64-bit Microprocessor Controllers Processors Micro  
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Related products: Optoelectronic devices like Optocoupler (Photocoupler), Solid State Relais (SSR, OC MOSFET) and Fiberoptic Devices (Laser, Receivers, Detectors). Semiconductors for Consumer electronics: Brushless DC motor control industrial washing machines AC motor controllers industrial cookers/ ovens low power tools industrial refrigerators/ freezers vacuum cleaners dishwasher small appliance electric power tools kitchen appliance Tea Coffee maker Motor Control Electronics Motor Control Inverter Control Motor Control Micro / Microcontroller White Goods Electrical white goods Industrial Control Home appliance Brushless DC motor AC induction motor Stepper motor Switched reluctance motor Inverter Controllers Stepper Motor Controller Industrial Vacuum cleaners Servo controllers Motion Control 3-phase                                                                       With a choice of over 900 devices in our current range of 4- to 64-bit micro products, and new leading-edge feature products such as our K_Line series continually being added to complement existing line-ups, the chances are we've got just the micro product you're looking for to match your unique application requirements. Let’s look at some highlights for motor control… 32-Bit: V850 — the world's first 32-bit microcontroller supporting an impressive 50 Dhrystone MIPS performance. With ROM, RAM, Flash, DSP functionality and dedicated peripheral options to match your application needs, this extremely efficient family is well positioned to meet the needs of the motor control market. And all this at a 16-bit price thanks to ’s leading-edge design processes! 8-Bit:   Maybe your preference is 8-bit? Just as you like — our 78K family microcontroller portfolio offers a wide range of on-chip ROM, Flash and RAM dimensioned solutions tailored to match your needs via both general-purpose and dedicated motor control peripherals.   Electric shaver Toaster oven Tumble clothes dryer Gardening Lawn equipment Electric toothbrush   Pumps Boilers Small kitchen appliance Household Appliances Motor Electronics semiconductors electronic components Climate control Stepper Motor controller Application Notes & Reference Designs for Motor Control Applications   Elektronik Prozessor