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Automotive Electronics

Automotive Electronics

Welcome to 's Automotive Semiconductor pages. Here we have posted information on how we serve the automotive industry, together with data on our products, especially semiconductor devices for vehicle electronics. More and more complex electronic systems in vehicles means higher development costs and increasing time-to-market pressure. These factors have changed the face of the automotive industry. Component suppliers have become system integrators, supplying the manufacturers with complete systems, including electronics. Further down the supply chain, the electronic components supplier is now expected to align his organisation completely to the needs of automotive electronics and to cover a wide spectrum of automotive products and applications. Automotive controllers Automotive electronics Body Electronics Body electronics components Dashboard electronics Vehicle electronics     Microcontroller manufacturer Microprocessor manufacturer dashboard electronics body electronics semiconductor semiconductors ravin graphic controller industrial electronics automotive electronics car electronics Microcontrollers micros Microprocessors Controller Processor 8 bit 16 bit CISC 32 bit RISC 64 bit MIPS VR 78K V850 Automotive Electronics semiconductor manufacturing electronic components CAN Controller

Car electronics - 's LIN family

LIN is the new upcoming low-cost network for in-car use. With its standardized structure, it complements the CAN bus by taking over different applications in sub-networks. These sub-networks are usually conted by CAN-to-LIN gateway controllers. Some LIN-specific formats require special microcontroller implementations that are served by s standard UART and the new enhanced LIN UART. The standard UART is made LIN-capable through optimized driver routines that deal with the LIN-specific frames. The standard UART including LIN driver is implemented on all existing microcontrollers. s new enhanced LIN UART has built-in hardware support to handle the LIN-specific frames. All new designs use the enhanced LIN UART as a base. Controllers for automotive electronics Processors for car electronics dashboard controller body controller

's TTA Family - Time-Triggered Architecture (TTA)

The time-triggered architecture (TTA) is a distributed, composable architecture for the implementation of fault-tolerant real-time systems. Its main advantage is the common knowledge in each bus node of every other node's transmission time. TTA will mainly be used in safety-critical applications. As many upcoming applications such as x-by-wire can only be realized by using a time-triggered architecture, the automotive industry shows a huge interest in TTA. For an example as the most named are the x-by-wire applications like steer-by-wire and brake-by-wire. TTA will complement the existing automotive networks like CAN, LIN, and MOST. In the aerospace and railway industry, various TTA applications are in operation. Today, there are different TTA bus protocols specified:


FlexRay is a relatively young bus protocol driven and specified by the FlexRay Consortium. Since February 2003 is Associate Member in the FlexRay Consortium. has licensed the FlexRay Communication Controller IP from Robert Bosch GmbH who will develop the FlexRay IP core. Target is to provide FlexRay silicon for car makers' series projects.
TTP/C is a proven time-triggered bus protocol for fault tolerant automotive applications that meets the SAE requirements for a class C automotive protocol. TTP/C is driven by the TTA Group. has competent knowledge in the fields of the TTP/C protocol.
TTCAN is a time-triggered protocol based on CAN and driven by Bosch and the CiA. is familiar with TTCAN since several years. Automotive electronics Body Electronics Elektronik Prozessor