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Cell-based ASICs - Electronics

Cell-based ASIC

Cell-based ICs - Electronics

offers a broad range of cell-based and structured ASICs as well as Gate Arrays for all requirements. Discover our low power, low cost ASIC and System-on-Chip (SoC) solutions! Electronics supports three types of technologies:

Gate Array ASICs:

Electronics is number 1 provider worldwide Very low-cost technology - ideally suited for cost-saving FPGA replacement Lowest NRE cost Easy and fast design flow Mask programmable devices ISSP (Instant Silicon Solution Platform) New "Structured ASIC" technology for low to mid volumes High-performance at very low NRE (Non-Recurring Engineering) costs Ideally suited to replace expensive high-end FPGAs Cell-based IC (Standard Cell ASICs) Highest performance/ extremely low power for highest complexity designs

Cell based ASIC - Definition

An ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit) is a chip designed for a particular application. ASICs are built by conting existing circuit building blocks in new ways. Since the building blocks already exist in a library, it is much easier to produce a new ASIC than to design a new chip from scratch. ASICs are commonly used in automotive computers to control the functions of the vehicle and in PDAs. semi-custom chip full-custom chip ARM Cell-based IC Standard Cell (ASIC) Structured ASIC Gate-array (sea-of-gate) Embedded Array

ASIC products Electronics offers various ASIC products:

low power ASIC high-end FPGA compound semiconductor CMOS-N5 (Gate Array Technologies) EA-9HD (Gate Array Technologies) CMOS-9HD (Gate Array Technologies) CMOS-10HD (Gate Array Technologies) PBGA (plastic ball grid array) TBGA (Tape-automated bonding ball grid array) ABGA (advanced bga) FCBGA (flip-chip bga) SiP (System in a Package) QFP (quad flat pack) SOC/ System-on-Chip CMOS neproasiuk1 FPGA ASICs Gate Array Embedded Array Cell-based IC Cell-based ASIC Gate Arrays Embedded Array Elektronik Prozessor