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Microcontroller (MCU)

Automotive Semiconductors

Welcome to 's Automotive Semiconductor pages. Here we have posted information on how we serve the automotive industry, together with data on our products, especially semiconductor devices for vehicle electronics. Automotive Electronics Body electronics LIN bus TTA Car electronics Dashboard electronics  

Semiconductor Solutions for Communication

This slogan sums up the service that Electronics strives to provide to the European communications industry. The communications industry is one of the industries that has suffered most from the current economic downturn. But compared to many other parts of the world, Europe has still maintained a competitive edge. Leading in mobile communication with GSM a world-wide success in the 2nd generation and UMTS / W-CDMA, Europe is in pole position to launch the 3rd generation. Europe also leads on transport for high-speed optical networks, metro rings and wide area networking.  Silicon solutions for telecom by Electronics Communication Electronics semiconductors for Terminals semiconductors for Access Networks semiconductors for Mobile Infrastructure semiconductors for Telecommunication semiconductors for Transport Networks  

Digital AV

Noise suppressor clean TV picture up. Digital compression record TV program on thin DVD disk, and transmit without cable to another room. Intelligent TV programming agent record favorite programs by simple touch from mobile phone. From Japan to Globe. We Electronics to be LSI leader for such a digital appliances. Electronics for Digital AV applications IEEE1394 is one of the key interfacing standards for high-speed multimedia data transfer with Plug &Play capabilities. The 1394 pages should show you the support for IEEE1394 with 's products. Typical IEEE1394 applications are supported, such as: PC-board, PC-Card-Interface High-speed Mass Storage High-speed Printer/Scanner DVD players Digital Video Camera Digital Still Camera Set Top Box Digital Imaging Game console Multimedia Home networking Industrial Control Solutions

Building Management

Today's buildings have the most advanced systems monitoring and controlling all of the essential services providing round the clock comfort and security. Tomorrow’s buildings will be “conted” - accessible via the Internet or the mobile phone - every aspect from managing the the Heating and Security systems to Lighting and Leisure systems will be at your fingertips - wherever you are. Automation Factory Solution Webcam Control Vending Machines (MCUs) Information Panels  

Semiconductors for Contivity

For years the PC has been the primary device for accessing the internet. But things are changing? Internet Appliances are leading the next wave of consumer and industrial devices? From PDAs to pumps, fridges to fire panels, vehicles to vending machines, meters to medical equipment? The era of embedded internet is happening now! Our objective is to orchestrate solutions for every application, and over the coming months and years we will be releasing many products to meet this new market head-on!

Motor Control Solutions

From toothbrushes to tumble dryers, pumps to power trains, cameras to climate control… electric motors are all around us! Many demand nothing more than simple timers to control them - and of course low-cost! Both are handled with ease by our vast range of 78K 8-bit micros. For more specific functionality, we also offer them with dedicated motor control peripherals. If complex computation is required, take the easy route with a 32-bit V850 micro that can take care of both your motor and the your system control! Our new K-Line micros add even more depth to ’s range, and don’t forget our ASIC, optical and power devices to complete your motor control application from a single source. Motor Control Electronics Motor Control Inverter Control Motor Control Micro Motor Control Microcontroller White Goods components Electrical white goods Industrial Control Home appliance White goods components manufacturer Motor Electronics Household Appliances neindexuk1 Semiconductors  Elektronik Prozessor