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Low pin count microcontrollers - Electronics

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Low pin count microcontrollers - High-end semiconductor solutions from Electronics

Low pin count microcontrollers - Electronics offers high-end semiconductor solutions for a wide range of automotive, industrial and communication applications. Low pin count microcontroller semiconductor ASIC Power Mosfet ac motor controllers automotive electronics brushless dc motor control brushless dc motor controller industrial cookers industrial ovens industrial washing machines inverter control inverter controllers low pin count microcontroller motion controllers semiconductor manufacturer small kitchen appliance stepper motor control stepper motor controller switched reluctance motor Applications Asic Design Display Microcontroller Microwave Optocoupler Optocoupler Electronics Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of Corporation , one of the world's leading providers of Internet, broadband network and enterprise business solutions. Electronics specialises in semiconductor products encompassing advanced technology solutions for the broadband and communications markets, system solutions for the mobile handsets, PC peripherals, automotive and digital consumer markets, and platform solutions for a wide range of customer applications. Electronics Corporation has 24 subsidiaries worldwide including Electronics America, Inc. and Electronics (Europe) GmbH. semiconductor activities in Europe: Established in 1973 914 employees A total of 10 sales offices and 5 design centres Production plant in Ballivor (IRL) Electronics Corporation: Established: November 1st, 2002 24,000 employees

Automotive controllers and processors

Electronics offers microcontrollers and microprocessors for automotive electronics, e.g. dashboard electronics, body electronics.

European Distributors for semiconductors and microcontrollers

semiconductors and microcontrollers are available from many distributors in Europe. chip manufacturer semiconductor manufacturer microwave Optoelectronics semiconductors industrial electronics optocouplers low pin count microcontrollers asic power mosfet   Electronics provide product solutions for the following applications: Electronics for Digital AV applications Industrial semiconductors industrial Electronics Building Management Systems (BMS) Motor Control Electronics Electronics for Contivity Automotive Electronics Consumer electronics Communication Electronics Semiconductor manufacturer Semiconductors Small kitchen appliance Stepper Motor Controller Utility meters Industrial washing machines AC motor controllers Automotive electronics Embedded contivity Optoelectronics RF Component Manufacturer Access media semiconductors Biometric access control Embedded Communication Processors Optocoupler Manufacturer Motion controller Air conditioning controller Body Electronics Domotics HMI control MMI Solutions Automatic meter reading Body electronics components Dashboard electronics HVAC semiconductors Lighting control systems Automotive controllers Brushless DC motor control Communication semiconductors Inverter Controllers Lighting ballast Semiconductors for Motor Control applications: AC Motor Controllers Brushless DC motor control   Small kitchen appliance   Stepper Motor Controller  Industrial washing machines Switched reluctance motor Inverter control Industrial cooker Industrial oven Brushless DC motor controllers  Stepper Motor control Inverter Controllers Motion Controller Low pin count microcontroller Electronics for Digital AV applications: Communication Electronics, semiconductors for Terminals, semiconductors for Access Networks, semiconductors for Mobile Infrastructure, semiconductors for Telecommunication, semiconductors for Transport Networks, Industrial semiconductors/ Electronics, semiconductors for contivity, semiconductor manufacturer/ manufacturing, micro controller manufacturer, Fire & security semiconductors, Alarm Control Panel (ACP), Access Control Systems (ACS), Camera Control (CC), fiber optics manufacturing, Consumer electronics manufacturer, microcontrollers for contivity, Man-Machine Interface (MMI) (low end). We develop semiconductors for Consumer electronics: washing machines cookers & ovens refrigerators and freezers dishwasher electric power tools low power tools climate control vacuum cleaners small appliance kitchen appliance Tea Coffee maker Electric shaver Tumble clothes dryer Toaster oven Gardening Lawn equipment Electric toothbrush   Our product range includes microcontrollers and microprocessors for Building Management Systems (BMS): CCTV, CCTV supplier/ manufacturer, CCTV UK, Building Management semiconductors, Access Control, Acess Media, Acess Media Control, Smoke Detector, Security Detector, Control Panel, Alarm Sounder, Utility Meters, AMR (Automatic Meter Reading), Residential Gateway, Residential Gateway device, Home Automation, UK Home Automation, Home Automation controller, Home Automation electronics, Heating Control, Ventilation control, Air Conditioning control, Climate control home, HVAC, HVAC manufacturer, HVAC supplier, Burner Control, Thermostat control, Thermostat electronics, Lighting control, Lighting Ballast, Remote Control, Pumps, Boilers, automation factory solution, Webcam Control, Vending Machines, Information Panels etc. Building Automation Domotics Industrial control door Industrial lighting control Industrial control sensor Industrial heating control Industrial heater control Air conditioner control assembly electronics system Building Management Electronics HVAC (Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning) PRS (Programmable Room Sensor) PRT (Programmable Radiator Thermostat) OTS (Outdoor Temperature Sensor) CHU (Central Heating Unit) HWD (Hot Water Dispenser) BCU (Burner Control Unit) SCU (Solar Control Unit) ACU (Air Conditioning System)   We manufacture semiconductors, microcontrollers and microprocessors for: Lighting blind control electronic dimmer electronic timer motion detector emergency lighting control central control panel electronic ballast neon lighting   Metering Heating Cost Meter heat meter Water Meter Hot Water Meter Gas Meter Electricity Meter electricity meter reading Central Control Unit Fire & Security detectors fire detector alarm detector fire alarm detector fire heat detector fire smoke uk smoke detector motion detector meter reading Motor Control Electronics: Motor Control, Inverter Control, Motor Control Micro / Microcontroller, White Goods, Electrical white goods, Industrial Control, Home appliance etc. Electronics for Contivity: embedded contivity internet contivity embedded protocols embedded communication building management HMI Control Industrial Control industrial control electronics USB contivity high speed contivity Communication Microwave   Automotive Electronics: Body electronics, LIN bus, TTA, Car electronics, Dashboard electronics, Brushless DC motor, AC induction motor, Stepper motor, Switched reluctance motor etc.         neindexuk   Chip manufacturer Semiconductors Optoelectronics Building Management Systems (BMS) HVAC Automotive Semiconductors Domotics Semiconductors Microcontrollers Car electronics Electronic ballast Semiconductor manufacturing Automotive Electronics Motor Control Control Telecom IC Optocoupler Low pin count microcontrollers Elektronik Prozessor